Traditional Chinese Medicine Orthopedic Center

Our Traditional Cinese Medicine (TCM) Orthopedic Center is led by top leaders of TCM orthopedic doctors in China such as Dr. Zhao Dongfang, Dr. Zhao Zhongyi, and other nationally renown doctors. It is comprised of a complete set of TCM orthopedic therapeutics and rehabilitation. It includes Acupuncture, Chinese Massage, Intake and Tropical Applications of Chinese Herbs, Chinese Steam Therapy, Chinese Water Therapy, Micro-needle minimal invasive therapy, Wax therapy etc. This is a fully equipped Orthopedic TCM facility to treat our patients and speed up their recovery. Top Chinese TCM leaders have been providing full services to our patients with all orthopedic issues. With TCM therapy and rehabilitation, we have been successfully treated pain of Neck and Shoulder, cervical spondylosis, low back pain and leg pain, lumbar disc issues, chronic refractory pain caused by OA, Rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and others, regardless of preoperative and postoperative.