Spine Center

There exists a dynamic and young expert team led by professor Zi-Rong Li in the Spine Center, equipped with international advanced equipment of spinal diagnosis and treatment, including German TESSYS multiscope, MED, RFA (radiofrequency ablation), sapphire laser, American digital C-arm, nerve monitor. The advanced equipments greatly expand the play space of expert technical level; improve the precision and cure rate of difficult surgery, reduce post-operative complications and promote the development of the spine clinical diagnosis and treatment level. We have been building high-standard technical Spine Center with the concept of delicate, professional and innovative.
Spine Center carries out CTED, clinical sci-tech research application of conservative treatment and biological bone repair and open surgery for difficult spinal diseases. Following the international clinical path (JCI) and taking patient as the center, Spine Center implements diagnosis and treatment of various difficult spinal diseases related to cervical vertebra, thoracic vertebr, lumbar vertebra, etc. Meanwhile, the Spine Center also implements theoretical and clinical research about spine in order to keep body healthy and make functions recover.