Rehabilitation Center

Rehabilitation Center focus on providing comprehensive rehabilitation services for various orthopedic disorders and comprehensive trauma and pays attention to combining Chinese traditional medicine with western medicine. Rehabilitation center has advanced rehabilitation device, a sound rehab-diagnosis and treatment system, standard rehabilitation treatment procedures and clinical paths for orthopedic diseases and the surgical and non-surgical treatment. Besides the advanced rehabilitation device, we also have professional high-level talents, such as experienced rehabilitation clinical physicians engaged in rehabilitation work in the USA for many years. In particular, we have unique rehabilitation therapies in the field of traditional Chinese medicine.
The rehabilitation center is equipped with the most complete physiotherapy equipment rooms: short-wave therapy room, mid-frequency treatment room, shock wave and air pressure wave therapy room, diode laser therapy room, nano wave energy therapy room, ultraviolet therapy room, osteoporosis detector and osteoporosis therapy room, cervical vertebra traction therapy room, lumbar traction therapy room, herb steam therapy room, etc.
The scope of our services mainly focuses on rehabilitation area of orthopedic disease, functional rehabilitation after artificial joint replacement, early activities after all kinds of orthopedic surgery, diagnosis and treatment of motor system pain, recovery of joint dysfunction, etc. We will design the best rehabilitation program for each patient.