Joint Center

The Joint Center is guided by three joint disease experts, professor Hou-Shan Lv, Zi-Rong Li and Zheng-Yi Wang, which contains their nearly 40 years of clinical and scientific research and carries their professional prestige and academic mission. There exists an energetic and high-tech talent team and international high-end medical equipment of orthopedics. Joint Center is consist of disciplines of knee joint, hip joint, ankle joint, minimally invasive treatment of joint, joint rehabilitation medicine, etc, synchronous with international joint disease diagnosis and treatment technology, going on to pioneer the era of the domestic arthrocacology.
Joint Center carries out joint replacement surgery, pain and infection revision after replacement application of Smith & Nephew arthroscopy, and clinical sci-tech research application of conservative treatment and biological bone repair. Following the international clinical path (JCI) and taking patient as the center, Joint Center implements diagnosis and treatment of various difficult joint diseases related to hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist, etc. Meanwhile, we established Mary’s orthopedic Joint institute to study about the basic causes of joint disease and complicated joint disease, in order to keep body healthy and make functions recover.