Bone Tumor Center

Bone Oncology Department of Mary’s Orthopedic Hospital, Beijing is an institution specializing in diagnosis and treatment of bone and soft tissue tumor. After years of development, it has become a bone and soft tissue diagnosis and treatment center engaged in medical treatment, medical research and medical education and enjoys great popularity in domestic.
With the country's most famous oncologist in the field of bone and soft tissue and high-level professional and technical team, every year patients with bone and soft tissue tumor from all over the country come to the hospital for treatment and get recovery. Especially in the complex and difficult diagnosis and surgical treatment of spinal, pelvic and sacral tumor, our department has reached the advanced international level and completed thousands of cases of difficult surgery, of which sacrum tumor resection is the most difficult and its operation number is the largest. We are in a leading position in the country in the aspects of osteosarcoma chemotherapy and limb salvage treatment of malignant tumor.
Professor You-Bo Cai, the director of bone and soft tissue treatment center, graduated from Capital Medical University in 1968 and was the third director of Bone Oncology Department of Beijing Jishuitan Hospital in 1996. He pays attention to department construction and emphasizes the study about standardized treatment of bone oncology. Strengthening international communication, he has held two session of the national seminar of diagnosis and treatment on bone oncology with inviting international famous experts. Besides that, he has attended five academic conferences of ISOLS and Asia-Pacific musculoskeletal system oncology in a row. In 1997, it was the first time that Chinese bone oncologist introduced the long-term follow-up results of osteosarcoma therapy of Beijing Jishuitan Hospital at ISOLS. The research about comprehensive treatment of primary limb osteosarcoma conducted by the bone oncology department obtained third prize of Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award.