JCI Gold Medal Marks Hospital Management Meets International


Main Leaders Accepted JCI Accreditation

Captured JCI Gold Medal & Build International Medical Care Organization

Receiving the certificate of gold medal from Joint Commission International (JCI) is another good news for Mary’s Orthopedic Hospital, Beijing after receiving the JCI formal letter of advising us passing through the accreditation. There is the English name of our hospital, signature of Chair surveyor and President, CEO of Joint Commission International. It means that the fame follows merit. Mary’s patient-centered management on safety and medical quality has meet international standards. Every segment of the medical services achieves institutionalization and is implemented in accordance with operation procedures strictly. With full implementation of clinical paths and providing high quality services for each patient, Mary’s Orthopedic Hospital, Beijing will become the preferred cooperation organization for international business insurance institutions.




On June 15, 2015, a grand opening ceremony was held in the hospital to celebrate the sacred moment; the hard-won fruit is full of days and nights effort of all the hospital staff. The medal is not only hanging on the wall, but in our mind, encouraging us to work according to JCI standards and improve continuously. It’s just like a mirror that inspires us each day to practice Mary’s hospital mission and stick to performing JCI standards, in order to provide high-technology and quality medical services for patients. We have equipped with famous experts, high-end medical devices, elegant and clean environment, humanized and international standards services; here, the patient can enjoy safe, high quality, efficient and comfortable medial experience.

Highest Standards for all Medical Staff

Mary’s Orthopedic Hospital, Beijing is led by famous orthopedic expert, president Lv Houshan (former president of Peking University People’s Hospital). The hospital expert team is composed of a dozen top-notch medical talents, like, former president of the Third Hospital Affiliated to Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, professor Cai Youbo, former director of Bone Oncology Department of Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, professor Qu Hui, former Director of Radiology Department of Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, professor Lin Xin, former director of Orthopedics Department of Beijing Tiantan Hospital, etc. Besides that, there is a strong doctor team, including over thirty American orthopedic experts and physicians of rehabilitation medicine. With excellent quality and perfect technical services, hospital has carried out more than 1000 cases of complicated medical operations, such as hip replacement, knee replacement, joint renovation, minimally invasive surgery of cervical and lumbar, etc. We have won a good reputation in the industry out of putting the medical quality and safety in top priority all the time, and therefore



Experts Are Performing Knee Replacement

Mary’s Orthopedic Hospital has been sticking to creating first-class brand with high level technology and making patients get satisfied with top-class customers services. After the baptism of JCI international management standards, we have formulated administration mode fit for our hospital tailored to our own factors with introducing the core concept of JCI spirit and western advanced experiences. Hospital management quality has been improved continuously through strict performing of JCI standards. Improving medical safety and prevention of potential hazards to patients create the brand of Mary’s Orthopedic Hospital, Beijing and let patients enjoy the international medical services, creating an unprecedented height in the field of hospital management and setting the benchmark for peers.

High-End Equipment & International Standards

Rome wasn’t built in a day and it just likes that constant dropping wears the stone; similarly, it is definitely not by accident for the hospital to achieve today’s honor. At the beginning of the hospital foundation, we had been looking to research the international medical care standards on aspects of techniques, equipments, services, concept, etc. We have costly first-class GE equipments imported from American, including 1.5T MRI device, DR medical diagnostic X-ray system, Mobile C-arm, Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA), 16-slice spiral CT, microscope, PELD, etc. Especially, the 1.5T MRI device is the world's most advanced medical imaging equipment with characteristic of high tissue resolution, high sensitivity and accuracy of lesion, no radiation hazard, safe without pain, MR imaging at the position of sagittalia, oblique coronal and oblique - axial plane and any angles. Besides that, it can show the situation of blood vessel, pancreatic duct and ureter without using contrast medium and its seamless image automatic generation technology can complete the high quality imaging of whole spine and spinal cord. 16-slice spiral CT can show the situation of spinal stenosis, prolapse of intervertebral disc, vertebra shift, displacement of the segment and dislocation of joint by adopting CT coronary angiography and it also can show thin branches of each part. The CT three dimensional reconstruction functions can help to complete different angles of scanning (such as, coronal scanning, sagittal scanning) of spine and joint. In addition, 16-slice spiral CT can make the quantitative analysis of the composition of the vessel wall, like the calcification index. It’s very helpful in the aspects of formulating reasonable treatment plan and plan, accurate imaging diagnosis, orthopedic diagnosis and treatment. Mobile C-arm satisfies the need of accurate surgical site positioning. The screen can present perspective image, which provides perspective function for interventional manipulation and specific surgical navigation. Asao the doctor can implement surgery by observing the screen of the Mobile C-arm. Therefore, the C arm x-ray machine is also regarded as eyes of orthopedist. The CLER technology of combining microsurgery with PELD is the initiate of home by Dr. Lin Xin. With a medical microscope at thousand times magnification, the surgical site can be positioned accurately, which has become a new breakthrough of the treatment of cervical and lumbar spine disease.



Advanced Medical Equipments

The hospital is equipped with high-precision equipments, such as CT and MRI machine. The JCI standards require that all the equipments shall be operated by staffs with professional equipment qualifications and that all operations should be implemented in accordance with standardized operation processes to ensure the safety of staffs and patients. Regular inspection, management and daily maintenance shall be implemented in order to prevent potential risks, medical accidents and disputes. With the high-end equipment, patients can enjoy safer and more efficient medical services.

Elegant & Pleasant Environment

With comfortable medical environment, hospital provides patients with a homely atmosphere. Its unique ideas and design set the trend of the time. The whole hospital has 24-hours central air-conditioning keeping at keeping 25 degrees and warm light, providing fresh comfortable enjoying to patients. "It is the doctor's greatest wish to watch patients leaving hospital with smile on their face," President Lv Houshan told reporters. There are handrails in the corridor walls and solid disinfectant hand sanitizer presenting of cross infection. There is call button for situation of falls and soft extraction beside hand sink, which all embody the design philosophy of humanized services. Here, patients can feel the homely warmth and comfort like at five-star hotel. Patient saying likes this: “living here is very comfortable” can be heard usually.



Quiet & Elegant Consultation Hall

Mary’s Orthopedic Hospital follows closely the service concept of patient-centered and implements International JCI Accreditation standards to provide patients with high quality security on medical services, nursing, logistical support, etc. We have been sticking to quality improvement to meet the needs of patients and local culture.

JCI Standards-Guided International Medical Center

Other than to meet common patient’s needs, we also have international insurance platform for foreign patients. Orthopedic diagnosis and treatment are carried out by famous experts at home and abroad. The JCI-centered international medical platform is the first domestic professional international medical center in orthopedics. Patients can accept the medical services of international standards without going abroad. There are advanced medical devices, professional orthopedic experts, 24-hours telephone service, network, micro-channel appointment and consultation. The service of language includes Chinese, English, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, German and French, etc. Meanwhile, we will make individualized treatment plan for each patient with psychological guidance during the whole medical process. Here, patients could not only enjoy the elegant and comfortable environment but also can experience the professional and international services.



Elegant & Comfortable VIP Ward Living Room

Joint Commission International (JCI) aims to improve medical safety and quality of patients all around the world. JCI uses management tools to evaluate hospital quality, provide survey methods, reference standards and hospital survey regulations, maximizing the benefits of accreditation, which has become a forceful measure for heath care organizations to implement standardized construction.

The fifth edition JCI standards has strengthened inspections on aspects of hospital management mode, work process, quality control, which is benefit to strengthening hospital cohesion and people's trust and care for the hospital, reflecting the scale and capacity of the hospital is recognized by the international medical service standards. The certification of world health organization and international insurance institutions means that our hospital service and management have researched the international JCI standards and that we stand out from the crowd in the medical field. JCI accreditation not only brings the show stage to us, but new challenge to hospital management. Therefore, we are supposed to improve the medical0 quality and service level continuously, in order to promote our international competition ability. Aiming to create risk-free medical environment, we shall focus on the improvement of medical and service quality and patient safety. The hospital with JCI gold medal has become the premier choice of suppliers, enterprises, governments, all kinds of insurance companies among numerous hospitals. So, if you are looking for a world-class medical institution, the best is to find one with JCI gold medal.